Choosing the Right Colors for your Kitchen Cabinets

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a new kitchen? Just about every homeowner wishes they could update the look and feel of their kitchen, but it’s just so time consuming and expensive! Who can afford a total kitchen remodel every time styles change? There is actually another option. If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets instead, you can save money and still get the fresh look you desire. But then the Read More

3 Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets Painting

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Are you interested in learning more about kitchen cabinet painting? You are not alone, as this project is becoming increasingly popular. As you begin to consider this option, let’s look at a few ways to keep your painting project below budget: #1 Customize less. You may be tired of hearing it, but it’s true: The fewer details you choose, the less you’ll pay. This applies to many aspects of your home and Read More

Should I Paint or Replace my Kitchen Cabinets?

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Is a kitchen remodel in your near future? As you begin to look at options and decide upon your budget, you may quickly see that completely-new cabinets is not going to be a choice for you. New cabinets can take up nearly half of your total renovation budget, making this out of the question for many homeowners. But the perfect cabinets can mean the difference between a kitchen that looks right and Read More

Selling Your Home? Stage It to Add Value

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Fall is a popular time for homeowners to put their home on the market, and as one of the top interior painters in Calgary, Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary tells their clients that a fresh coat of paint will add value to your home when the time comes to sell. And best of all, you’ll see a return on your investment! But interior painting isn’t the only thing you can do to Read More

Fall is the Ideal Time for Interior Painting

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Summer is coming to an end and Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary, the leading provider of interior painting in Calgary, tells their clients that now is the ideal time to look at having the interior of their house painted, as the weather is still warm enough that you can leave your windows and doors open to minimize odours from drying paint. When you call us for interior painting in Calgary, we will Read More

Turn Your Wall into a Canvas with Chalkboard Painting

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Ask any parent and they’ve doubtlessly had to clean their child’s “art” off a wall at some point. While you can encourage your little one to draw on paper instead, another solution is chalkboard painting; this effectively turns a wall into a chalkboard. As the top provider of chalkboard painting in Airdrie, Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary provides this service at an affordable cost. With chalkboard painting, your little Michelangelo will be Read More

Improve Your Concrete Floor with Epoxy Floor Coating in Calgary

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Epoxy floor coating has many advantages for businesses, especially those with garages, factories, warehouses, and other buildings with high-traffic areas. As the leading provider of affordable epoxy floor coating in Calgary, Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary tells their commercial clients that there are many advantages to having epoxy floor coating installed. Epoxy floor coating is also an excellent option for homes as well, especially in the basement. You wouldn’t think something like Read More

Wood Staining Extends the Life of Your Fence and Deck

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With summer well underway, you’re doubtlessly planning on spending plenty of time on your deck. But with the harsh winter that Calgary just experienced, along with heavy rain this spring, it’s doubtlessly taken a toll on your deck and fence. Luckily, you can restore your deck and fence to their former glory with wood staining. At Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary, the top providers of reliable professional residential painting, wood staining is Read More

Transform Your Home with Deck & Patio Painting

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When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, this also includes painting your patio. With the far-too-short summers we enjoy in Calgary, homeowners want to get the most out of the warm weather while they can. Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary, the best provider of exterior painting and renovation service in Calgary and the surrounding area, recommends that clients include their deck and patio as part of their spring/summer renovations. Read More

Be Careful What Colour You Paint the Exterior of Your House!

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If you’re planning to paint the exterior of your home, you should be careful what colour you choose, according to what Platinum Pro Painters, the top provider of exterior painting in Calgary, tells its customers. A couple in California found out the hard way when they painted the exterior of their house to resemble the home from the popular Pixar movie Up. In fact, the couple has found themselves facing multiple lawsuits Read More